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Family Intervention

Family Intervention for a Loved One

Intervention is one of the most direct and effective ways to confront a loved one about their substance abuse problem. It shows your loved one that you care enough about them to confront them regarding their struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction. An intervention also addresses the stress and feelings of friends and family regarding how the addiction has hurt or interrupted their lives. Staging an intervention for a loved one can be either done by the family or coordinated with a trained interventionist. If you need help staging an intervention for your loved one please call A Better Today now so we can help you find the tools to get your loved ones into rehab and on the right path: (951) 221-0588.

What Exactly is an Intervention?

An intervention may seem like something created by television but it’s one of the most effective counseling tools to get a loved one suffering from substance abuse into addiction treatment. An intervention is staged either by a loved one of the addict or with the help of a trained interventionist and it allows each loved one to voice their care and concern for the addict and help them understand that they need to get help for their drug and/or alcohol problem. Each intervention is different but at the heart of each one, the ultimate goal is to get a loved one into treatment. A trained interventionist can assist in leading the intervention to aid in the outcome if family members aren’t sure where to start. Interventionists are trained counselors who can help families express their feelings while making sure the conversation leads to its ultimate goal of treatment.

Why Does Intervention Work?

Intervention works because it is a direct confrontation to the loved one who is struggling with addiction. There is no possibility for denial on their part when faced with a room of people who love them but cannot deal with the negative repercussions of their addiction any longer. Having to face people they love and being reminded that there are important things in life instead of the addiction which they have prioritized over family and friends. It allows them to see the consequences of their addiction and creates a desire to get help even though numerous pleas haven’t affected them. Intervention is powerful and moving for all involved. It is designed to spur action and get your loved one into treatment and when faced with reality, it can be a very successful tactic. A Better Today wants to help you if you’re in the Murrieta area to get your loved one into a treatment program. If you need help with intervention and information about having an intervention call us today: (951) 221-0588.