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Detox & Withdrawals

An Uncomfortable Topic: Detox and Withdrawal

The process of withdrawal seems terrifying when you mention it to anyone whether they are addicted to a substance or not. It isn’t a comfortable process but it is a necessary one that has to be taken before true recovery can begin. A person must go through detox in order to have a mind, free and clear of all drugs and/or alcohol so they can receive the most benefit from treatment. Detox is nothing to mess around with though and it is important that you do not try to undergo this step alone. Going through detox alone cannot only be terrifying but it also can be deadly because your body needs help in expelling all of the toxins in your system from drugs and alcohol. A Better Today strongly recommends and uses medical supervision during all detox periods. Call us today if you want to speak with a representative today who can walk you through the detox period and how treatment is a must after the initial detox: (951) 221-0588.

Why Detoxifying the Body is Important

The body must go through detox to rid itself of the toxins from drug and/or alcohol addiction in order for the addict to start the healing process. Recovery cannot begin until the mind is free and clear of all substances used before detox. Detoxifying the body is the way to start it’s healing process since addiction re-wires the brain and trains the body to need a substance. After going through a period of medically supervised detox, the body begins to repair itself, no longer relying on the drug for certain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. The body is a miraculous thing because it begins to re-stabilize during detox, which is why it is so uncomfortable because the body is basically knitting itself back together and sending signals of where it needs to be healed. Undergoing a medically supervised detox and withdrawal makes this process more comfortable and safer.

Following Up with Treatment

Following up with treatment is the key to success after detox because those who choose not to enter treatment are more likely to relapse then those who participate in a rehab program. Detox might be the first step but treatment is the most critical step of all because it gives you the tools to help avoid a relapse and helps you truly beat your addiction. Those who go through treatment also realize that they have support unlike those who go it alone after detox. Treatment allows you to heal mentally instead of just physically and it is tailored to you at A Better Today. We know that every person, every addiction is different and we want to help you live again without addiction looming over your future like a bad cloud. Call us today so we can help you decide what treatment is best for you: (951) 221-0588.