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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

For residents in California, A Better Today provides for people seeking to successfully recover from their addiction. No matter what substance you are trying to break free of, whatever your drug of choice is or combinations of drugs and/or alcohol, A Better today is here to help. Learn More  

Detox & Withdrawals

Detox and withdrawal are uncomfortable and often nerve racking but before you can start recovery, you must rid your system of all harmful chemicals. At A Better Today we try to help make the detox and withdrawal process as easy as possible so you can get started on recovery. Learn more  


When you see someone you love struggling with substance abuse, you may not know how to get them into treatment for their addiction. A Better Today can help you understand how to stage an intervention or help you find a professional interventionist if needed, Learn more  

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Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs or call us at: (951) 221-0588.
Addiction is the repeated use of drugs or alcohol because of bodily changes where the body requires more and more of a substance to maintain normalcy or achieve the desired good feeling. Someone who is suffering from addiction doesn’t have a choice on whether or not to continue use because without the drug and/or alcohol they go into withdrawal and thus addiction is qualified as a disease in most medical circles.
If you need more and more of a substance to get the same good feeling, that probably means you're addicted. On the other side, if you feel sick or any other withdrawal symptoms after not having that substance, then you probably are addicted.
Addiction is dangerous to you because requiring more and more of a substance to get the same high you did before could result in an accidental overdose because the threshold continues to increase. But addiction is also detrimental to your relationships with friends and family because everything else in your life doesn’t matter as much as your addiction. In addition, it also is harmful to your own personal physical and emotional health.
No one will know you are in rehab unless you tell them. Our staff is dedicated to keep your information 100% safe and confidential throughout the entire process and after you’ve completed treatment.
The best option is the one that is best for you. While each option has their pros and cons, inpatient treatment generally sees the best results because it removes you from your current situation and reduces triggers and distractions while completing treatment. Outpatient treatment can also be just as effective depending on the person.
The expense of treatment may be totally covered if you are eligible. Often times, insurance companies will pay part if not all of the cost of treatment.
This depends on your personal preference but in most cases, people find it beneficial to get away from their surroundings when entering treatment. If and how far you travel is up to you and treatment center locations.

Find Help for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Murrieta, CA

Murrieta is a city in California with strong heritage. Named after Esequial Murrieta, he bought the land because it reminded him of Spain. While he intended to make this land into a large graze for sheep he ended up returning to Spain and getting married, turning the land over to his younger brother, Juan. By 1890, the railroad had made Murrieta a growing town but that growth ended with the railroads in 1935. However, with the building of I-15 Murrieta once became a thiriving place to live and in 1991 officially became a town in California. This little town, forgotten for many years knew that it would rise again even though hard times and if you're suffering with addiction, you may not think that's an option for you but it can be. A Better Today wants to help you start to live a clean life and attend a treatment facility that's right for you. We believe as long as people want to change they can change and be successful living a clean life. It is up to you though, to want to be clean and let go of your addiction. If you're struggling in Murrieta today and you feel like you need some hope call A Better Today now, (951) 221-0588.

Hope to Overcome Addiction

We at A Better Today believe that people who want to get clean can get clean and addiction can be conquered. The only thing required to start the process is a desire to do so and getting help. Addiction takes hold of you both mentally and physically. It attacks the body from the inside out, ruining livers, veins and brain chemistry. Your body starts to need the substance you're addicted to more and more until you enter dangerous territory where it can lead to an overdose or organ damage. But there is a way to get out of this cycle if you want to and A Better Today is here to help. We can help you through every step of the process as long as you want to stop being addicted and start a new life. From detox to treatment, we will walk with you every step of the way so that you have the tools to live cleanly when you leave our program. We want to give you hope for tomorrow, start by calling us today and break the chains of addiction.

Personalized Treatment

Every client that enters the program at A Better Today has an individualized plan to overcome their addiction and it starts with knowing everything we can about each client before they even begin. We invest our time in you because, to us, you're worth it and we want to help you get clean and stay that way. A Better Today is unique because it tailors its programs to individuals instead of a whole group of clients. We know that everyone feels things differently and experiences uniquely no matter if the substance(s) are the same or not. Experiences can be similar but some people may not be comfortable in group setting while others may need the support of others during treatment. That's why we believe it's more effective to have a personalized approach to treatment because no two clients are the same. At A Better Today we want you to do what's best for you which is why we don't have traditional treatment plans. If you want to stop using and start living, give us a call today so that we can see what the best option is for you: (951) 221-0588.

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Murrieta Alcohol Drug Rehab CA

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View the latest news at ABT about addiction and recovery. If it’s in the news and it’s related to a drug or alcohol addiction, we probably have something on the ABT blog about it but we also share inspiring stories of recovery and news about new treatment options available.